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For the last 25 years our company has been into the manufacturing of Doctor blades by the name of MICRON DOCTOR BLADES. We have all the products that are being used in the Rotogravure machines.
We have quality certificates also as it’s required when We have to do imports and all the quality is according to the European standards.
It would be very much appreciated if you consider our company for all of the products that are being used in the Rotogravure machines.

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Octagon Solutions

Advantages of Micron Doctor Blade

  • Job runs continuously without change of doctor blade in between.
  • Minimal pressure on the cylinder enhances life.
  • Continuous running means no machine down time.
  • No costly Grinding accessories required.
  • Ink remains clean free from any grinding waste.
  • No fear of injuries with Micron Doctor Blades.
Octagon Solutions

Why Choose Only Micron Doctor Blade?

  • Proper heat treatment imparts maximum life.
  • Precision profile grinding eliminates triaxiality of streses.
  • Steel has the best metallurgical properties
  • The composition of steel is specifically selected for Doctor
    blade application.
  • Extra long edge (constant contact grounded part) lasts longer.
  • Ultimate surface finish improves the endurance limit of the steel.
  • Perfect lapping over the entire edge eliminates the costly
    grinding accessories.
Octagon Solutions

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