The significance of Doctor Blades cannot be overstated when it comes to printing and maintaining high-quality output. A Doctor Blade, a fundamental component in the printing process, is pivotal in ensuring precise ink control and optimal printing performance. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the realm of Doctor Blade Steel and uncover its remarkable benefits and positive aspects that can elevate your printing experience to new heights.

Feature High Quality
Material Stainless Steel
Size Multiple
Color SS Color
Usage/Application Printing

Being a customer-oriented enterprise, we are engaged in providing a wide array of Micron Doctor Blades.

Advantages of Micron Doctor Blade:

  • The job runs continuously without change of doctor blade in between
  • Minimal pressure on the cylinder enhances life
  • Continuous running means no machine downtime
  • No costly Grinding accessories required
  • Ink remains clean and free from any grinding waste
  • No fear of injuries with Micron Doctor Blades

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Why only Micron Doctor Blade:

  • Proper heat treatment imparts maximum life
  • Precision profile grinding eliminates the triaxiality of stress
  • Steel has the best metallurgical properties
  • Extra long edge (constant contact grounded part) lasts longer
  • Ultimate surface finish improves the endurance limit of the steel
  • Perfect lapping over the entire edge eliminates the costly grinding accessories
  • Highly skilled technical staff ensure the best quality incoming raw material, material in process & outgoing finished product

Additional information


100mm x 0.20 – e110, 10mm x 0.15 – e65, 20mm x 0.15 – e67, 25mm x 0.15 – e68, 20mm x 0.20 – e67, 25mm x 0.20 – e68, 30mm x 0.15 – e70, 30mm x 0.20 – e70, 35mm x 0.15 – e72, 35mm x 0.20 – e74, 38mm x 0.15 – e77, 38mm x 0.20 – e79, 40mm x 0.15 – e80, 45mm x 0.15 – e80, 40mm x 0.20 – e80, 45mm x 0.20 – e80, 50mm x 0.15 – e85, 50mm x 0.20 – e90, 60mm x 0.20 – e100, 60mm x 0.15 – e95, 70mm x 0.20 – e100

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